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‘I took a lot of risks’ Sebastian Thiel & Frieda Thiel share their story to success | Active HPF Sessions

Director Sebastian Thiel and Actress Frieda Thiel, siblings who have both found success in their respective fields, join Michael Salami to discuss their journey to where they are today. Both have their own stories of persistence and commitment to their craft so they could get where they are today, and have plenty of stories and […]

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DAILIES is back! Frieda Thiel on The Industry Being Hard For Lighter Actors, Being Mentored by Aml Ameen and More!

Our insight series DAILIES is back and in this episode Frieda Thiel speaks on her experiences within the industry, including not being easier for her as a lighter actor and what it was like playing a lead on BBC 3 series ‘Just A Couple’

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