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Do You Ever Log Out?: Check Your Connection [Mini-doc] Directed by George Daley

In Check Your Connection, filmmaker Georgie Daley questions whether young people’s digital voices are diluting their connections with people in real life. Through mixed media and interviews, this short documentary touches on a multitude of opinions about the contents of timelines and the purpose of social platforms.

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This is Peckham – Docuseries (2/3) Directed By Shane Duncan

This is Peckham, Directed by Shane Duncan, is the second of a series of films about gentrification which is working its way throughout London by swallowing up popular working-class areas and converting them into spaces fit for the middle class. Peckham is in it’s early stages where changes in the area are starting to be […]

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The Wonders Of: How Maya Jama Moved From Bristol at 15 to pursue her TV dreamS & Became A Star!

On this weeks episode of ‘The Wonders Of” Maya Jama takes us back to how it was for her growing up, the grind she applied to herself at such a young age to become a woman who is looked up to by the masses not only in her home town.

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