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‘Saving money, begging money’ Adjani Salmon on Making Dreaming Whilst Black | This Time Last Year

In our new series ‘This Time Last Year’ we’ll have our very own stars reflecting on their life was like at this time in their life last year. First episode features the director of ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ Adjani Salmon reflecting on where he was last year, whilst making his critically-acclaimed show ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’, and […]

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NEW British Series : House Party – Happy New Year? | Episode 1

House Party Episode 1: Happy New Year? A new web series drama about a friendship group built on lies, secrets and hidden agendas. Malachi, Derrick, Lola, Lisa and Ben; five friends that met at University, become prime suspects in a murder case when Malachi dies at the annual new year’s eve party. Socials: @_TheBridgeMedia Contact: […]

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