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‘CHACONNE’ [Short Film] Starring Thea Gajic & Thom Petty

Thea Gajic and Thom Petty star in short drama ‘Chaconne’ directed by Francesca Brill, which has been finally released via Boyish Media. The short intricately explores the divide of class between the two leads played by Gajic and Petty. Both live in the same neighborhood, but have different lives. One is a carer whilst the […]

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‘It’s so good to just watch him work’ Thea Gajic on working with Olan Collardy | DAILIES

  Thea Gajic on what it’s like working Olan Collardy and shooting her crtically-acclaimed films ‘Run’ and ‘The Importance of Skin’ Enjoy #DAILIES

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