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It’s peak: ‘Double Trouble’ New episode of ‘Imperfect’ Web-Series

In the latest episode of Kashif Boothe’s web-series ‘Imperfect’, Sam, Michelle, Derrick and Jason are on a double date and bump into Nate & Jamie which leads to disastrous events.

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UK Web-series: Imperfect – Ep.2 Old Habits

In episode 2 of Kashif Boothe’s web-series ‘Imperfect’, Sam and Jason confirm their relationship status. Michelle meets up her with ex which effects her potential new relationship with Derrick.

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New Web-series: Imperfect Ep.1 ‘Starting Over’

  Imperfect is a new web-series from Kashif Boothe, starring Lauren Douglin and Abbie Samuel. Following Michelle (Lauren Douglin) after her public split with her ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to start dating but runs into a old flame (as you do) and is open to love again but won’t let her wall down. Her friend Sam […]

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