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Runyararo Mapfumo’s journey should inspire you! | by Sarah Lola

Let’s talk about Runyararo Mapfumo and how the world is finally taking a seat at her table of pure excellence. Over the years Mapfumo has showcased her talents as a London based Writer and Director in Film and TV. She created her short documentary ‘What’s In A Name?’ as part of The Uncertain Kingdom, a […]

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This is why you should look out for Ellis Witter | By Noel Chingunji @NiftyNoel | READ NOW

The essence of Your Cinema is to put a spotlight on our talent. Both established and those we believe have “got next”. Rising Stars is our new series which focuses on the latter category. One talented individual that surely fits the bill is Ellis Witter! Ellis Witter is a talented actor that has been putting […]

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