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Casting Call: Males and Females Needed! (Over 10 Roles Available)

Hey guys, here’s a casting for an upcoming production, full details are below: Kyle: Black, late 20s, confident Dad who loves his son, he hates confrontation but will also do anything for his son Woman: White, 20+, has been through a traumatic experience (small role) Brianna: Black or mixed race (of any ethnicity), 26, a […]

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Casting Call: Male and Female actors Needed!

Actors who are Irish (or can demonstrate a Republic of Ireland accent) are needed! Details are below: Shooting date: Late-Spring 2019 MOIRA: Age: 40 yrs Race: Ideally East or South Asian but ALL ethnicities will be considered Description: Serial killer, intelligent, reserved, passive aggressive, closed-off, inner turmoil BISHOP: Age: Around 45 yrs Race: White Description: […]

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