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Box-Office Report: Hobbs & Shaw Vs Lion King… #KingOfTheBoxOffice

Welcome back people! I will address the lion in the room very soon, but first I want you to picture this: It’s 2001… “My life will never be the same…” That’s Michael Jackson’s voice playing from a radio somewhere in the house. You’re feeling great and why wouldn’t you be, you’ve spent the day laughing […]

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UK Top Ten Box-Office Sales | 9th – 11th Feb

Welcome to the Your Cinema UK Box-office sales report, where we take a closer look at the films that are defining our industry at the moment as well as who’s really raking in the big bucks! The numbers do not lie people, here’s this weeks top ten: 1. Fifty Shades Freed, £6,132,414 from 592 sites […]

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