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‘It gave me hope and made me realise I could do this’ Xavien Russell on his First Content

Xavien Russell shares with us his first acting content, starring in Top Boy. The show helped him realise his dream of acting could be a reality, and has provided Xavien a platform to further his craft and grow his career.

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‘It’s all about the environment you have around you’ Xavien Russell reflects on This Time Last Year

Xavien Russell, who played Michael in Top Boy, shares with us his journey over the last year. In the past year Xavien has worked on several projects, including the film Stationary and his first feature film project. Despite going through a small drought, he is back on track and working on getting more roles.

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‘To embody the role of Michael in Top Boy, I just used the world around me’ Xavien Russell #DAILIES

Xavien Russell, who played Michael in Top Boy, joins us to discuss working on the show and how he has developed his acting career. Xavien shares with us his journey, from how he auditioned and got his role in the popular show, to how his acting is going since leaving the show. Join us as […]

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