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Aml Ameen’s Interview at BUILD NYC

The American’s better get used to seeing more of Aml Ameen on their screens, as he’ll be the next actor alongside Ella Balinska to star in Blumhouse’s next horroe ‘Run Sweetheart Run’. Other than that, he was one of the few British actors who broke the glass ceiling after starring in ‘Kidulthood’. Already, he’s starred […]

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Behind The Scenes on ‘Yardie’ With Idris Elba, Aml Ameen, Stephen Graham & More!

Watch Idris in the director’s chair on set of his directorial debut ‘Yardie’ | Get your tickets to our screening on the day of its release HERE

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Idris Elba interviews leading star Aml Ameen | Get Your Tickets Now!

Idris Elba talks to Yardie’s leading man (who stars as ‘D’) Aml Ameen on how he prepared for the role, shooting in Jamaica and more | Get tickets to our screening of Yardie on August 31st HERE

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